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Who We Are

Who the fuck are we? Fantastic question.

In The Beginning

First and foremost we are extreme metal fans! During the winter 2016 we decided to do more and an Instagram presence was born to document metal attrocities.

The Next Stage

Quickly Instagram proved to be insufficient and our presence expanded to a YouTube channel, Twitter and Facebook presence to further spread the filth.

The Rebirth

After seeing amazing bands having shitty or severaly lacking internet presence our path became clear. Fist of Satan 666 was reborn into what you see here.

What We Do

Seriously though. What the fuck do you do? In short, we do the mundane boring shit so you can focus on what's important ... making music! All for free!

General Promotion

We're probably promoting you already and you don't even know it. When new stuff comes out we post on our social media.

  • Bandcamp gets updated? We post on Twitter.
  • Get mentioned in a metal forum? We post on Facebook.
  • We buy your album? Pictures are on Instagram.


If you're on our YouTube channel we have aleady been in touch! All music is posted with full permission of the bands!

  • Full albums!
  • Never monetized!
  • Promoted through our social media!
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For The Chosen Few

Through mutual respect a few bands are chosen for a deeper relationship. Your focus should always be the music so let us do the grunt work.

  • Website design and hosting
  • Distributing your music on digital services such as Spotify, iTunes, Google Music, etc.
  • Bandcamp releases through our digital label
  • The main focus of our promotion

The Chosen

The Chosen are a very select group of people we wanted to work with more closely. Their passion and drive encourage us to go the extra mile to get their evil hymns out to the world.

Swamp Temple (USA)

Swamp Temple, a solitary undertaking, took influence from seminal second wave black metal icons the likes of Mayhem, Gorgoroth, and Darkthrone.

While paying respects to the hordes who came before, amongst Swamp Temple's hymns can also be found hints of punk, folk, and atmosphere.

Dark Doom (UK)

Dark Doom was thrust into being as a scathing response to the weakness and falsehoods of the modern black metal scene. Mockery is heaped upon those who claim to worship darkness yet know nothing of its true nature.

Dark Doom seeks influence from the imagery of thick ancient forests, unexplored for years, covered in fog. That which lies within has many stories and lessons to teach.

IV V I IV (Malaysia)

a.k.a. DEAD, D.E.A.D., 4514.

The band's moniker derives from the Roman numerical equivalents of the word DEAD.

Not much is know about this horde but their music speaks for itself.

Sihyr (Singapore)

Sihyr plays etheric metal exclusively!

Metaphysics and mysticism along with drive and determination bordering on insanity has allowed this cult to create memorable hymns and chants.

Demonification (Singapore)

Singahell black thrash maniax!

Since 1999 Demonification has been carrying the blach thrash flag high! Playing along side legends such as Nunslaughter, Abigail and Defiled they have made a mark for themselves in the South East Asian scene!

You Got Questions

We got answers!

You really do this for free?

Fuck yeah! The idea to do this began festering when we realized we were listening to more and more music for 'free' online. Consider this a way of paying back the bands for the music we love.

Will you own my music?

Hell no! We will never make any claims on your music. The concept of someone controling another's art is abhorrent to us. We believe in a 'gentleman's agreement' and if you ever wish to part ways with Fist Of Satan 666 we would come to an amicable arrangement.

Do you own my domain name?

For ease of setting things up and hosting it's just easier for us to 'own' the domain name but we don't consider it true ownership. Should we part ways your domain would get transferred to your new hosting provider and your website sent to you.

Any future plans?

Oh hell yeah! Our over-caffinated fevered brains are always plotting new things. A possible compilation release of The Chosen. Printed flyers. Maybe a physical release. Who knows? We are always open to new ideas!

Contact Info

We're Here To Talk!

We're Everywhere!

The best way to get in touch is through good old fashion email but feel free to communicate over any channel!